Sign Retrofitting

Retrofitting your business sign is a cost-effective way to update your sign with new technology and lighting. Learn more about how this service can help you conserve energy and refresh old signage.

Are you trying to decide if retrofitting your business signage is a good option? You may feel embarrassed by the current state of your sign lighting. We get it–and Flagship Signs is proud to offer the ideal solution through retrofitting.

The process involves using your existing sign structure to incorporate new technology features and LED lighting. Count on our team for professional retrofitting services to breathe new life into your old signage.

Signs Indicating You Need Retrofitting Services

Is retrofitting the right option for your signs? Flagship Signs recommends retrofitting if your signs are showing any of these issues:

  • Burned-out light bulbs
  • Dim lighting
  • High maintenance cost
  • High energy bill
  • Sign structure is solid, but the sign lighting isn't operating optimally
  • Water accumulation inside the sign affects the wiring
  • Damaged electrical wiring

With our professional sign retrofitting services, your business will enjoy significant cost savings and a high ROI for the new features. Proper retrofitting minimizes your sign’s need for maintenance, and switching to non-toxic LED bulbs is better for the environment. Plus, LED lights feature a low voltage and produce less heat, reducing the risk of fire and burns.

Choose Retrofitting Services for Sign Rejuvenation

One of the most common retrofitting tasks we complete for our customers is replacing the lighting with energy-saving LED lights. Many business owners discover that fluorescent bulbs are difficult to maintain and service. With our LED retrofitting, we use either sticks or individual modules and strong power supplies. This service gives your signage gorgeous, high-visibility illumination without the constant need for bulb replacement or service.

Retrofitting from Flagship Signs may be your ideal solution if you are looking for the most cost-effective way to update your business signage. Your business will look like it got all new signs without the high price tag of signage replacement. Ready to boost the illumination, visibility, and cost-effectiveness of your business signage? Connect with Flagship Signs to get started. We are your #1 partner for all business signage needs. Schedule your Discovery to explore all the benefits and features of our professional retrofitting services.