Sign Permitting

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sign permitting process for your business? Enjoy a smooth, stress-free experience when Flagship Signs handles the details for you!

Crucial steps to installing new business signs include learning the sign permitting requirements for your area and getting the proper permits. Even if you understand this, you may not be sure how to begin the process, and it’s challenging to find the time when you are trying to run a business!

Let the team at Flagship Signs handle the details for you. Our permitting team is knowledgeable about local jurisdictions' zoning regulations pertaining to signage. So you can put your sign-permitting tasks in our expert hands to have peace of mind as you move forward.

What Is Involved in Sign Permitting?

A sign permit is a written document authorizing the sign’s construction and installation. Permit guidelines vary depending on the city and county ordinances in your area. However, the sign code can be detailed and complex, which is confusing for many business owners.

Don’t let permitting jargon slow down your sign installation process. Flagship has extensive expertise in sign permitting. We understand the ordinances and how they pertain to your project and will ensure your business follows all legal requirements to achieve a successful sign installation project.

Depending on the ordinances in your area, you may need to follow the following permit guidelines:

  • Construction permit to erect a sign
  • Electrical permits for an illuminated sign
  • Permits for updating signs
  • Permit fees that require payment before the sign installation can begin

Flagship will clearly explain all permit guidelines, so you'll know what to expect every step of the way. Then, we obtain the permits and pay the fines so your project can proceed.

Save Time and Hassle: Choose Flagship to Perform Your Sign Permitting

You have plenty on your plate dealing with day-to-day business operations tasks. Let Flagship perform sign permitting to save time and allow you to focus on growing your business. We take care of every step of the sign permitting process, including all paperwork, information gathering, and fees associated with permitting. As your #1 partner for all business signage needs, we are dedicated to making your life easier and your business more successful. Schedule a Discovery with Flagship Signs today to get started with our trusted sign permitting services.