Channel Letters

Is lack of signage or poor signage holding back your business growth? Let Flagship Signs connect you with trimless channel letters that maximize your branding and attract customers.

Thinking about new channel letters for your business signage? You are on the right track! Your business sign is an opportunity to promote your brand and attract customers. But if your sign is poor quality, worn, or non-existent, you miss out on new customers and money-making opportunities. Let Flagship Signs provide the solution you need with eye-catching channel letters, one of our most popular exterior business signage options. What to Expect from Trimless Channel Letters from Flagship Signs Trimless Channel letters are fully customizable letters ideal for storefronts and building exteriors. With LED or neon lighting options and highly visible features, channel letters boost brand awareness, even from a distance. It's like having an attention-grabbing billboard on your business. The wide range of customization options makes channel letter signage one of our customers' top choices when they want to be noticed. Here are the benefits your business can expect from our channel letters:
  • Low maintenance
  • Durability - designed to last!
  • Customizable - neon and LED backlit and illumination options
  • Versatile - use on the storefront or in the lobby to boost your business branding and aesthetics
Why Choose Flagship Signs for Trimless Channel Letters Knowing where to turn for the design, fabrication, and installation of your business's new channel letters is crucial to achieving optimal results. Trying to navigate the process on your own can be overwhelming. That's why Flagship Signs offers attentive consultation and full-service signage solutions to make it easy for you. From your channel letter design and customization to obtaining permits and performing the installation, our experts will take care of every detail. Seventy percent of customers consider business signage when deciding where to spend their hard-earned money. Is your signage giving you a competitive edge? If not, boost your business brand recognition and attract new customers with channel letters. Schedule a Discovery appointment with the friendly team at Flagship Signs to get started. We are your #1 partner for all your business signage needs.